About us

"Spreading the Goodness of New Zealand by Integrating our Sustainable and Innovative Attitude in Our Products/Services."


Our Inspiration:

New Zealand is one of the largest island/country in the south pacific yet we only have a population of four million. A young history which only dates back to around 700 years ago, the first settlers developed a Maori culture that places great importance on kinship links and land. This ideology carries on today where New Zealanders prides itself on their clean and green environment.

Regular visits by many western explorers and nobles began in the late 18th century and this also initiated extensive trade between the Maori and Europeans. Travellers brought skills and expertise into this undiscovered island and by using the quality resources nature provided here, premium products unique to New Zealand was developed. This history is also the inspiration of our company as we want to continue spreading the goodness of New Zealand all over the world.  

Our Business:

We are committed to bring the very best to New Zealand and this includes long-established brands like Dr. Gloves to premium services such as organising sports camps. Our range is extremely diverse, much like our global customer base.

However, this is not a one way system. We are also committed to spreading the goodness of New Zealand to the world. Currently, the most successful products we are delivering are seafood and wine.

Our responsibility is to ensure quality and not quantity. Through extensive inspection, the brands we bring in and deliver out have long standing and strong social mission that fits with New Zealand values- sustainability and innovation.