Peter Cheng

Creative Director

"Having lived in New Zealand for the majority of my life I am proud to call myself a "kiwi. Knowing how wonderful New Zealand is, I am passionate to spread this goodness all over the world. Much like when you tried something new and superb and you get an urge to tell the world!

I am creating a channel between New Zealand and the world where premium products/service can travel effectively and efficently. I personally try and inspect all products/service being delivered in and out of New Zealand, ensuring they are at superior standards. It is all about quality."



Vivian Cheng

Audience and Content Manager

"My role is to look after any marketing enquires and communication. I also assist the business manager in day-to-day activities ensuring things run smoothly.

I have been in NZ for most of my life and feel this culture has greatly influenced who I am today. However, this does not mean I have forgotten my roots from Asia. Both culture have their own specialties and I am lucky to have experienced both. Now I hope others can too!"  


Jessie Sun

Business Manager

"My main role is building relationship and trust between customers. I enjoy travelling and have been to Europe and Asia numerously. Therefore I've gained much insight into different cultures, products and service. Sometimes when I'm travelling I get a bit homesick and wish that I could eat some of my favourite food from home. But back in New Zealand I reminisce about products/services I've experienced overseas that is not available here! 

I am sure there are others out there who have experienced the exact same thing. The company's vison can fulfil this need and it is also one of the reason why I have such strong passion to make it successful."