Dr. Gloves

Dr. Gloves LogoDr. Gloves is developed from new technology that has enhanced the tactile sensitivity and flexibility for performing fine tasks.  



The special formulation allows it to be stretchable yet promises dependable protection which is suitable for a range of industries. The manufacturing facilities of Dr. Gloves have dedicated professionals that ensure every glove is at excellent standard to provide you, our customer with total satisfaction. Not only are Dr. Gloves committed to bring you the highest quality but the best value too.


Laxtex Gloves

Latex gloves offer excellent sensitivity, making them ideal for almost any application.

Meets all ASTM, FDA, CE, and ISO requirements.

A great overall value.


Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are the fastest growing product in the protective glove industry. Healthcare workers and food service professionals agree that the dexterity and snug fit of vinyl gloves plus the elimination of latex allergens are great reasons to switch to our Vinyl.


Nitrile Gloves

As a top glove manufacturer, Dr. Gloves have always been a trusted product of healthcare professionals. From surgical to exam, our gloves continue to pave the way in technology and innovation. Dr. Gloves offers high performance exam gloves in vinyl, nitrile and latex.